Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I spent the past few weeks taking a break from social media to focus on personal projects during the Olympics. It was one of the best things I've ever done for myself and has totally changed the way I think about how I spend my days and experience my life.

My break coincided with Larry being away on business and with a big February snowstorm (and then more and more little snowstorms - evidently it snows every day here now?), so my life these past few weeks has been quiet. While everyone else seems to be complaining non-stop about the cold weather and "Not another snowstorm! When will winter end?", this winter-hater has been relishing being snowed in. There's been time to work on personal projects and dream up/plan/experiment with business projects. There's been time to sit by the fire and read books. There's been time to snuggle my puppies and watch Mother Nature's snowglobe outside my window. While it may sound like I've spent the past month sitting on my butt, it has actually been some of the most productive and thought-provoking weeks of my life. And I'm not quite ready for it to end.

So even though the Olympics are over now, the snow has melted (and fallen again), and Larry has returned from being stuck out west due to airport closures across the country, it is still quiet around here. Our Valentine's Day dinner, one year engagement anniversary dinner, and an anniversary trip to Florida were all cancelled due to snow and business, and yet I'm content. This weekend, I watched my boys playing frisbee in the snow and snapped photos through the window screen and savored real life and being in the moment. I ventured out a few times after the Olympics ended - a hike with the pups, cocktails with a friend, and dinner at Restaurant Eve with Larry to celebrate our first anniversary before he jetsetted off again on business.

There are signs that spring is coming - a huge flock of robins (confused and puffed up as round as baseballs) roosting in our backyard during Monday's snowstorm, crocuses peeking up through the ice, and soon I will crave adventure and will want to be outside and rejoin the real world. I have lots of thoughts to share about my Olympic Break, but for now, I am still happy staying in, being cozy, and relishing the quiet.

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veevee v said...

Alone time is the best. But glad to see you're back!