Thursday, October 31, 2013

right now | october 2013

collage - october instagrams
Watching Scandal Season 3 and Top Chef New Orleans and tons of documentaries.
(Also, some really terrible guilty pleasure TV that shall go unnamed.)
Listening to Lissie's excellent new album, Back to Forever.
Roadtripping through Kentucky.
Sleeping in a concrete wigwam.
Drinking bourbon.
Annoyed that the government shutdown caused the national parks to be closed.
Wearing plaid for the first time since my high school grunge phase.
Dreaming about sewing more quilts as the weather gets golder.
Eating tons of tacos! Our new favorite taco joint: Taco Bamba in Falls Church.
Stuffing our faces with pimento cheese and lots of falafel.
Excited about our new travel map.
Thrilled that Art on the Avenue was a successful market for my shop.
Tasting new beers at Snallygaster.
Wishing we could spend three weeks in Asheville next year seeing shows at The Orange Peel.
Loving Uniqlo's leggings pants - so comfortable, they're like maternity pants for your food baby!
Enjoying the first fire in our (gas) fireplace.
Frustrated that it's so difficult to find a good pet sitter.
Dressing Gravy like a lady. ;)
Considering becoming a weekday vegetarian.
Concerned about what stress is doing to my health after watching Stress: Portrait of a Killer.
Making care packages for new parents that include pie, beer, and fart jokes.
Riding in style thanks to Uber.
Rocking out (ok, ok, watching the band rock out) to Frightened Rabbit at 930 Club.
Socializing and wine tasting with my small business friends.
(And playing with power tools while we're at it - stole that pic from Jane.)
Hugging (Lauree) like I mean it.
Sniffing Steffanie's delicious soaps.
Suffering from a nasty cold/sore throat/fever/allergy combo.
Medicating myself with boozy milkshakes.
Avoiding trick-or-treaters.
Missing carving jack-o-lanterns.
Wondering where the month went.
Thankful that my mom knows just when to show up with an apple crisp straight from the oven.
collage - instagram road trip


littlegreenfieldbook veronika said...

Totally going to try Taco Bamba, and am really tempted to buy some Uniqlo jeggings - like every color.

Hope you're feeling better!

Sarah said...

Uniqlo legging pants are AMAZING!!! I live in them. So glad you're enjoying them. :)