Thursday, March 21, 2013

coming soon: april art markets!

...and suddenly we're more than halfway through March. How did this happen?

I feel like it was JUST January...we were recovering from the holidays, I was looking forward to several months off from art markets to work on new art, and Larry and I were talking about the possibility of him taking a business trip to Hawaii in February and how it would be fun to turn it into a vacation.

And now, somehow, it's March 21st, we did spend two weeks in Hawaii, came back married (still trying to wrap my brain around this one!), and art market season is just around the corner. What just happened?! January Rachel, you had no idea what was comin' right atcha!

So here we go, spring art markets! I'm trying to catch up, organize, and motivate myself for a busy season and have already had to turn down a few markets because life is crazy right now. But I'm super pumped for these two and really excited that my shop will finally be doing a market in North Carolina. (Do you think a 48 hour stay is long enough for me to thoroughly stuff my face with BBQ, biscuits, grits, pimento cheese, and chicken and waffles???)

April 6 -   Rock & Shop Market (Durham, NC)
April 20 - Richmond Craft Mafia Spring Bada-Bing (Richmond, VA)

Hope to see you there! I'll be the one with BBQ sauce on my shirt. Southern food, you are awesome!

P.S. Thanks to you all for the sweet words on our news! There will be many more wedding and Hawaii posts coming soon, too. (In my free time. Ha!)

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Karen Travels said...

I am hoping to see you in Durham! So excited!