Saturday, February 23, 2013

the adventures of naked man

Does this guy look familiar? If he doesn't, that means you're not reading Jane's blog or following her on instagram (@borrowedabode) or twitter and you really should be. I can personally attest to her awesomeness in both real life and on the internet.

Anyway, the clotheless child's toy naked superhero above is none other than Naked Man! Naked Man accompanies Jane to wineries, helps build stuff, fights bad guys, and is found swinging from various objects in The Borrowed Abode.

As for me, the past few weeks have been full of stress, anxiety, and me basically running around like a chicken without its head. (See: lack of blogging.) So I'm going to take a little social media break to relax. In the meantime, Naked Man is going to take over. He came over to visit last night and promptly made himself at home in the faux Bertoia/Eames hybrid mini chair. (I personally do not recommend sitting in such a chair without pants. It leaves hashmarks on your butt.) Now he's packed his bags - er, blue banana hammock (he likes to travel light) - and is heading off on an adventure. Follow along @funnelcloud on Instagram, hashtag #nakedman. (Don't blame me if other things pop up in your feed if you search for #nakedman, though.)

P.S. I swear I'm not crazy. Ok, maybe I am, but Naked Man is awesome. See you in a few weeks!

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