Sunday, January 27, 2013

collections | weekend getaway

collections | weekend getaway
Over the holiday weekend, Larry and the pups and I stole away for a last minute getaway to a cabin in Lost River, West Virginia.

My essentials for a winter weekend in the woods:

+ A good book
+ An iPad loaded with movies
+ Zooka bluetooth speaker
+ Hot chocolate and gourmet marshmallows
+ Popcorn
+ A bottle of wine
+ A scented candle
+ Project supplies: fabric, cord, scissors, needle

A few other weekend essentials that aren't in the picture: my camera + lenses, recipes, boots, a headlamp.

Full disclosure: I only read 5 pages of my book. (Napping proved to be a higher priority than reading.) We didn't eat the popcorn. I started, but did not finish, my craft project. And as it turns out, gourmet marshmallows melt over a fire.

Stay tuned for pictures from our trip and my soon-to-be-finished project!

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Steffanie said...

Ohhh, I've always wanted to try that hot chocolate. You just convinced me.