Tuesday, June 12, 2012

just some pics

DSC_8030 ES crop
Soooooo...when I woke up sick on Larry's birthday last week, I assumed it was just an unfortunately-timed 24 hour bug. Oh how wrong I was. A WEEK spent in bed/on the couch and attempting to self-medicate with pina coladas and Nyquil did not cure me. I finally caved and went to the doctor after I spent a night coughing myself silly and keeping both Larry and me from getting any sleep. That sucked and I needed relief. (Also, thank you Larry for not smothering me in my sleep.)

The good news is I don't have pneumonia! But I did score myself three prescriptions and a diagnosis of bronchitis and a sinus infection. I'm hoping today is the last freaking sick day because I am SO behind and overwhelmed with work I don't even know what to do. Art markets! Freelance projects! Etsy orders! E-mails! HELP! (Reminder: Charm City Craft Mafia's Pile of Craft is this Saturday in Baltimore from 10-5. I'm woefully unprepared, but my shop will be there and thanks to these antibiotics, hopefully I won't scare any potential customers off with my gnarly cough.)

I haven't felt like writing and I certainly haven't been taking pictures lately since I spent three straight days wearing one of Larry's undershirts while hacking up my own lungs. Lovely. So I went though my archives from the last few months and decided to share a few random photos:

Mini G&T:
DSC_2256 ES
Forget-me-nots: (Anyone know how to get these to rebloom? They looked so pretty when I first planted them, but now they're brown.)
DSC_1445 ES
Coonhound in the corner:
DSC_9445 ES crop
Wine and reading:
DSC_8341 ES
Due to my brown thumb (and tendency to forget to water plants), I planted lots of succulents this year. So far they're thriving under my neglect:
DSC_1412 ES crop
The reason why I can't have accent pillows on my sofa:
IMG_3812 ES crop
Blue planters:
IMG_4727 ES crop
DSC_1673 ES crop
Weekend plans:
DSC_8202 ES crop
Lake Anne Plaza in Reston: I stopped by last week and got a sneak peek of Toya's new shop! New Family Naturals will be opening its doors in August. (Pssst: Into microinvesting? Like healthy and delicious snacks? Check out NFN's Indiegogo page and score some goodies while supporting a local small business.)
DSC_2227 E crop
Homemade pasta:
DSC_8436 ES
Old Town Suds bath bomb! Oh my - I treated my achy joints to a soak this weekend and this bath bomb smelled amazing, turned the water blue, and made my skin super soft. Plus, the colors of the bomb remind me of a tiny globe:
DSC_2264 ES
Mom and her grandpups:
DSC_1648 ES crop
The best sandwich - fresh mozzarella, tomato, and avocado on naan:
DSC_8345 ES
More succulents:
DSC_1398 ES
1. A snuggle:
DSC_9437 ES crop
2. A sniff:
DSC_9440 ES crop
3. BLEEECCCHHH! Direct hit right on the kisser:
DSC_9444 ES crop

Ok, friends - time for a codeine-fueled snooze. See you on the flip side...


Grace said...

Girl, you are so funny...I love where your head goes when you write. Sorry you aren't feeling too good. C'mon already, kick this yuck goodbye!

Lauren McKenna said...

Rachel, feel better! I loved the pictures you shared :)

Marypat said...

Pina coladas and Nyquil?! Can't wait to try that combo next time I'm sick. Hope you're back to normal soon!

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

Thanks to you all for the well wishes!

Also, I should clarify that I wasn't drinking pina coladas and Nyquil at the same time! ;)

Kelly said...

That "to do" list is far too pretty! It would certainly help with my productivity...but maybe thats the ice cream break part...