Tuesday, December 13, 2011

two dogs, one bed

My dogs are not the type to snuggle with each other. They're very snuggly with humans (sit down on the floor in our house and you will likely end up as the meat in the puppy sandwich - with a dog on either side of you), but not with one another.

They're actually very much like human brothers - they tolerate each other, but they always want what the other one has - whether it be a stick, a toy, or the prime snoozing spot in front of the fireplace.

So imagine my surprise when I got out of the shower the other day to find this:
two dogs, one bed
Gravy's been going through a phase where he will steal Banjo's bed and poor Banjo doesn't know what to do about it. He usually sleeps on the floor and waits for Gravy to leave. I've even told Banjo to go get in Gravy's bed, but he won't. I guess this time he decided to reclaim what was rightfully his, even if he had to share his nest with Gravy the cowbird!

I quickly snapped the pic with my iPhone, then ran downstairs to get my camera. When I came back up to photograph them, they both jumped up and ran out of the nook - I guess they didn't want their forbidden love to be documented!

And since I'm sharing cute dog pics, it might not be humanly possible to get more comfortable than this:


Sarah Rosemary said...

Oh my goodness! I love it! I love reading about those two. Belle loves to sleep in the sun, and the hotter, the better. She has been known to practically hyperventilate before agreeing to come inside and get some water. She loves to be as warm as possible. For a big dog, she prefers rolling herself into a small ball when she sleeps.

Karin said...

Love hearing stories about your dogs...they are so cute! :)

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

I'm glad someone enjoys reading about the dogs! They seem to be my fallback subject matter when I'm busy or stuck in a blogging rut! ;)

Jennifer said...

Beautiful. :) I love your dogs. :)


sam said...

This is an odd question, I know! But I was wondering where you got that dog gate? We have a similar one but the gate won't stay open like that... very annoying :) I would love to find one like this for our boy's nook.

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

Hi Sam -

Actually, the baby gate doesn't stay open - we have it propped open with a shoe! It is very annoying, but I guess people with babies instead of dogs want the auto-close feature. I can't remember where we got it, but it's made by North States.