Tuesday, September 7, 2010

just another day at the post office

DSC_1040 ES
As I was waiting in line at the post office the other day to mail some shop orders, I remembered a conversation I had with the postal worker the day of my first sale.

I handed over my package to be weighed, and which listed Funnelcloud Studio as the return address.

Postal Worker: You got some tornadoes and hurricanes in there???

It actually took me a second to figure out what he was talking about - fortunately, I realized he was referring to the return address instead of blurting out "No...just art."


Jennifer said...

I love your return addy! Is it a block print or stamp?

And you totally have to reveal the origins of your studio name... I am as curious as your postal worker! :)


Funnelcloud Rachel said...

Thanks! Right now I have so few customers that I just decorate the envelopes with ink pen - but I plan on getting some stamps or stickers made so I can be a little more professional!